Deadlands Lost Colony is Now Available!

The wait is over! The Deadlands Lost Colony core rulebook is NOW available as a PDF directly from our store as well as from DriveThruRPG.

The Last War on Earth destroyed the “Tunnel,” the galactic wormhole between home and the colonists of the Faraway System. Now they’re trapped in the mining colonies of deep space or the lone inhabitable and often hostile planet of Banshee. Ancient and evil creatures called the Skinnies see their chance to strike, rallying Banshee’s native anouks to wipe out the invaders. The only ship capable of traveling between systems, Hellstromme Industries’ Unity, has returned. And with its cargo comes a final Reckoning.

Deadlands Lost Colony is a roleplaying game set in the award-winning, best-selling Deadlands series. It requires the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition game system.

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Widowmaker for Deadlands Lost Colony

The settlement is recorded on most maps and official documents as Lowry, but nearly everyone in the Belt knows it by another name… Widowmaker.

Widowmaker is a mining settlement deep in the asteroid belt far above Banshee. This supplement for Deadlands Lost Colony written by John Goff (Deadlands Classic and Deadlands Reloaded, Deadlands Noir, and many others), provides further details for the Game Master to set their own adventures there, as well as two creepy Savage Tales featuring several dangerous and potentially deadly threats.

As one enthusiastic playtester put it, “Widowmaker is Outland meets Event Horizon in the Way Out West!”

Order your copy of Widowmaker for Deadlands Lost Colony from our store today, and get ready to stake your claim in the vacuum of deep space.

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Deadlands Lost Colony Archetype Cards

If you want to dive right into your next Deadlands Lost Colony campaign (or if you’re looking for some quick pregenerated options for an upcoming convention game), we now offer a PDF set of 12 over-sized Archetype Cards that you can print-and-play right at home.

Archetypes in this set include:

  • Anouk Shaman
  • Anouk Warrior
  • Pilot
  • Breaker
  • Guardian
  • Colonial Ranger
  • Syker
  • Anouk Scout
  • Colonial Ranger
  • Harrowed
  • Former EXFOR Soldier
  • Salvager

*** Note that if you wait to preorder the print version of this set of Archetype Cards through our upcoming PledgeManager, you’ll get the PDF version for FREE! Enter your email address here to be notified when the PledgeManager is live. ***


Licensee Spotlight: Dungeon Delve RPG Zine Kickstarts Today!

Introducing Dungeon Delve, a brand new fantasy roleplaying zine from Aaron Acevedo (PEG Art Director) and his company Sigil Entertainment Group, bringing dungeon crawls to fans of Savage Worlds!

Dungeon Delve’s 32-pages include an adventure generator by Alan Bahr (Tiny Dungeon), a short story by John Wick (7th Sea), a hoard of magic items, brand new monsters, dozens of deadly traps, and much more!

The Kickstarter for Dungeon Delve goes live today, so don’t miss your chance to descend into the depths of #zinequest2.


Savage Worlds at GenghisCon and OrcCon This Weekend

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near You

This weekend, Savage Worlds descends on the Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver Conference Center for GenghisCon 2020!

GenghisCon hosts one of the largest (if not THE largest) Savage Saturday Nights with at least 20 scheduled games! Also, this year keep your eyes out for a host of Savage Worlds-related guests including PEG Community Manager Ron Blessing, Sean and Robin Bircher, David Lapp of Pine Box Entertainment, Tracy Sizemore, Darrell Hayhurst, and Karl Keesler as well as our actual play compatriots, the always fun cast of Saving Throw’s WildCards plus the cast of the Sounds Like Crowes podcast.

Alternatively, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, OrcCon (held at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport) will be hosting its very first Savage Saturday Night coordinated by Scott Woodard (The Savage World of Flash Gordon™) and the Southern California Savages! Be sure to visit the OrcCon site for more information.


Savage Cruise Wrap-Up

Now that the ship has returned to port and all the passengers have gotten their land legs back, it’s time to reflect on this year’s phenomenally successful Savage Cruise!

Rocky Mountain Savages tour guides Chris Fuchs, Christopher Landauer, and Steve Kellison were thrilled to host Pinnacle luminaries, Shane Henlsey, Clint Black, and Jodi Black along with almost 100 Savage Worlds fans from North America and Europe on the inaugural Savage Cruise.

Over 60 games were played over nine days in four countries (including a river, a gulf, a channel, and a sea) making this the longest and most unique Savage Worlds event to-date. The group survived a 6.7 earthquake, a three-foot tsunami, and Chris Fuchs’ karaoke. They also experienced a 21-gun salute, close encounters with stingrays, sharks, gators, and sea turtles, an all-you-can eat buffet, haunted mansions, and even a submarine.

The Rocky Mountain Savages are currently planning a shorter encore event this fall that’s a little closer to home, so if you’d like information about the next Savage Expedition, visit their website where you’ll find a sign-up form and galleries from this year’s Savage Cruise.


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