Deadlands: the Weird West is Now Open for Late Backers!

If you missed out on our Kickstarter campaign for Deadlands: the Weird West, don’t dismay. The PledgeManager is NOW OPEN for business!

Through the PledgeManager, just select the highest reward tier you desire (from the $45 Player level all the way up to the ultimate High Roller level for $220) and then pick-and-choose your various Add Ons including all-new Weird West Map Packs, the Oversized Action Deck, Deluxe Metal Dice set, Bennies, Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (2nd printing) core rules, The Cackler graphic novel, Deadlands: Lost Colony, and discounted bundles for Deadlands: NoirEast Texas UniversityWeird War IRippers, and The Last Parsec.

Some items are limited (such as bundles of our Weird War I or The Last Parsec lines), so complete your order quickly to lock it in. Once we run out of stock on these limited items they are all gone.

If you only want the books in PDF, please wait for each to release on or The books will also release through regular distribution.

Please note that if it’s your first time using the portal, especially those of you overseas, be sure to read through all the fine print in our latest Kickstarter Update for details about taxes, shipping label prep, and more.

After completing your order, be sure to email for your comp PDFs. “Late backers” do not receive all the digital rewards our Kickstarter backers do, but we’ll happily put a complimentary PDF copy of each physical book, GM Screen, map, etc. in your store account downloads.

Be sure to contact for any reward level upgrades or if you have any questions at all. Thanks, amigos!


Licensee Spotlight: Savage Worlds Dice Roller & Raise Calculator

2019 SWAG Award winning licensee, the Immaterial Plane (Artificer’s Codex, Herbal Alchemy) has completely redesigned and rereleased two of its FREE online tools—the Savage Worlds Dice Roller and the Savage Worlds Raise Calculator.

First, the Savage Worlds Dice Roller is a web-based app that allows you to make rolls common in Savage Worlds, including Trait rolls (with or without a Wild Die), cumulative damage rolls, and standard non-Acing die rolls. You can also adjust modifiers and the Target Number before or after your rolls to determine success and raises.

If you play online using Discord, you can add a Discord webhook URL and a display name to send your die rolls to your group’s Discord server.

Second, for those who prefer to use their own dice, the Savage Worlds Raise Calculator quickly calculates the number of raises you rolled with just two quick taps. Tap the Target Number, tap the number rolled, and tell your players how many Wounds their beloved character has to Soak.

The best thing about these tools is that they’re FREE to use. So go roll some dice and game on!


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