The Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild is NOW OPEN!

The Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild is now open for business!

The Savage World’s Adventurer’s Guild gives YOU the opportunity to create new and original content using the Savage Worlds rule system and sell it on various OneBookShelf platforms including,,,, and

Read through the FAQ and our comprehensive content guidelines, download the official style guide, grab the Word or INDD template, and start sharing your worlds with the real world.

We can’t wait to see what you all have in store for the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild!


SWAG Release: An Unexpected Wedding

You are cordially invited to An Unexpected Wedding, the very first release through the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild, written by James Walls:

A celebratory adventure, with a fiendish twist! 
 One of your player characters is ready to tie the knot, and it’s up to the rest of your adventuring party to plan the perfect day. Within these pages a randomly generated, nuptial-inspired romp awaits our guests. We’ve provided a wickedly romantic venue, and invite you and your players to fill in the details.
An Unexpected Wedding uses the Blank Shot adventure format, which resides somewhere between improvisational adventure design and zany party game. The basic adventure outline is complete, however much of the backstory, locales, and even NPC names await the players’ input. Before starting the adventure, the players and their game master weave together all of these components. Given most players’ tendencies to aim for unexpected and outlandish details, you and your friends are in for a wild ride!
This adventure is setting-neutral, and with just a little tweaking could fit into just about any Savage Worlds campaign, from medieval fantasy to far-future. 
Designed to be completed within a 4-hour time slot, An Unexpected Wedding is great for one-shots, convention events, and public games at your friendly local game store.
Slip into your dad’s powder blue tux (or mom’s fuschia-colored prom dress), warm up those vocal chords for a little hardcore karaoke, and pick up An Unexpected Wedding today!

Licensee Spotlight: StarStreamers is Coming to Twitch

Savage Worlds on the Web

Savage Worlds Ace licensee, BPB Games (Savage Tokusatsu) is about to launch a truly unique and interactive campaign on Twitch using Savage Worlds Adventure Edition:

In the science fantasy-saturated Maelstrom Galaxy, the lucrative career of being a Holo-Net celebrity is the ideal. The players will take on the role of outsiders thrust into this strange culture of streaming and social media fame!

StarStreamers is our attempt to create a story that literally could not be done in any other medium. It’s something that has to be a livestreamed tabletop campaign. That means playing with the conventions of streaming and roleplaying in equal parts.

The chat has a large degree of control over certain events and viewers can be “summoned” in battle as a character of their own design. Even the act of chatting and commenting occurs within the actual canon of the game. However, the game isn’t anarchy. It all gets approved by the GM and the players can choose to ignore suggestions.

The chat can also perform various actions to make things easier or more difficult for the characters. Triggering or destroying traps, summoning or banishing monsters, producer interference, and more are all possible.

To find out more and to start affecting the game today, follow Best Pal Brigade on Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch.

StarStreamers premieres on Twitch, Saturday, February 9th!


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