Power-Up Your Posse with the Deadlands: the Weird West Companion

Offering even more options for players and Marshals alike, the Deadlands: the Weird West Companion adds new Arcane Backgrounds like the heroic Witches, Metal Mages, and Voodooists as well as an assortment of remarkable relics and infamous gunslingers.

Marshals will also find summaries of the four Servitor Plot Point Campaigns, info about the Hunting Grounds, the Horse Eater Savage Tale, and plenty of tips and tricks to help you be the best dang Marshal you can be!

And while you can add the PDF to your library today, this volume is also available for preorder in a gorgeous, full-color, printed edition. Visit the Deadlands: the Weird West PledgeManager today. And please note that this book is part of the rewards from our Deadlands: the Weird West Kickstarter, and a ‘late backer’ pledge is required—but pledging snags you a FREE print copy and you can request a complimentary PDF!

If you already have the Deadlands: The Weird West Companion as a backer, be sure to download the PDF from our store today!


Dawn of the Daikaiju for Savage Worlds is Upon Us!

Dawn of the Daikaiju, an original Grand Adventure for Savage Worlds by authors Sean Tait Bircher and Robin English-Bircher (Rifts® for Savage Worlds) has arrived in your metropolis!

In Dawn of the Daikaiju, players take on the roles of giant monsters called kaiju or daikaiju (the terms are used interchangeably) ranging in origin from oversized insects and dinosaurs to bio-engineered alien weapons.

Available in both print and PDF, Dawn of the Daikaiju is a 32-page book containing a Plot Point Campaign, Adventure Generator, specially adapted race creation rules, and new Edges and Hindrances—all in Kaiju scale!

And with the addition of the FREE Daikaiju Archetypes and Figure Flats, you’ll be breathing radioactive flames and sweeping the many legs of your bio-mechanical opponents in no time!

The Earth is under attack and it’s up to her gargantuan defenders to save her. Are you ready to answer the call?


Savage Worlds Grand Adventures Print Bundle

Our Grand Adventures series for Savage Worlds features fantastic journeys and new additions to a number of your favorite settings including 50 Fathoms, East Texas University, The Last Parsec, Rippers Resurrected, and Weird War I.

It also includes our latest exciting addition to the Savage Worlds family: Dawn of the Daikaiju!

Save a few bucks with this discounted Grand Adventures print + PDF six-pack featuring the following supplements:

Purchase of this product bundle includes the FREE downloads for these supplements as usual, plus these extras: Rippers Resurrected: Expeditions, ETU: Popo Bawa Extras, and Daikaiju Archetypes.

If you and your players are ready for some all-new Grand Adventures, pick up this bundle from our store today!


Learn Savage Worlds in 60 Seconds


Over the past few months, our good friends with Saving Throw (the folks behind Wildcards) have posted a bunch of extremely helpful and concise tutorials on some of Savage Worlds more unique rules and game mechanics.

With the help of various Wildcards cast members, the Savage 60 Seconds series has already covered The Wild Die, Aces, Wounds, Initiative/Action Cards, and Raises. Most recently, the episodes have delved into Soak Rolls and Support, all in 60 seconds… or less!

If you’re new to Savage Worlds and you’re wondering what it’s all about, or you just need a quick refresher, these bite-size rule blasts are fantastic.

Carve out seven minutes of your time and check out all the Savage 60 Seconds videos over on the Saving Throw YouTube channel right now.


Licensee Spotlight: The After from Fainting Goat Games

After last year’s successful Kickstarter, the 244-page PDF of The After is now available from DriveThruRPG.

Published by licensee Fainting Goat Games (Improbable Tales, The YOUniversal Monsters Omnibus), The After is a 244-page setting of frontier action in a post-apocalyptic world.

The After is set in the northwestern reaches of the broken North American continent. You play survivors of the shattered human race trying to rebuild their world after nearly a century of alien predation and war. 

It is now a world of great change but also great opportunity; a strange world to explore and to forge a new home in. With the collapse of modern civilization, survivors must return to the old ways, find inspiration and knowledge utilized by frontiersmen and native people who lived and prospered in North America centuries before.

The After features new playable races, new Arcane Backgrounds, new Edges and Hindrances, additional rules to evoke the unique feeling of the setting – including scavenging, item decay and deterioration, a Bestiary of foes, and an extensive Gazetteer of the Wind River region of Modern Wyoming.

The War is over. The Enemy has gone. Reclaim the Earth with The After, now available for Savage Worlds from DriveThruRPG.

This book requires Savage Worlds Adventure Edition to play.


Congrats to Young & Holt for 50 Episodes

Recently, the Adventures of Young & Holt, a Deadlands actual play podcast, reached an impressive milestone of 50 amazing issues episodes!

The show follows the exploits of an aging gunslinger seeking redemption and a former train-hopper turned Huckster with a growing magical power. From Deadwood to Denver, the pair tangle with harrowed giants, vengeful Iron Dragon agents, secret cabals, romance, and a Whateley family member thrown in to the mix for good measure.

The Adventures of Young & Holt podcast is part of the award-winning Fear the Boot podcast network. Stream all 50 episodes on their site or subscribe through Apple Podcasts, via the RSS feed, or wherever you download your podcasts.


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